April 2022:

Having fallen a bit behind with website updates, we’ve got two commission announcements to make!

Our third commission has been awarded to NikNak, an award-winning artist from London and based in Leeds, UK. She is the first Black Turntablist to win an Oram Award (2020) and is currently one of DJ Mag’s “One’s to Watch”. NikNak has also completed residencies with HCMF and Sound UK on their Sound Generator programme last year, resulting in her forthcoming 3rd album. She’s also been creating works for multi-channel/surround sound performances primarily via turntablism and with soundscapes.


Photo: @sophiejouvenaar

In her words, NikNak will be composing an album for us that “sonically reflects us constantly chasing solitude – perhaps that’s what we call it? It’s an idea I’ve had for a while and I’ve had to really think about what solitude means to me as a black woman, an artist, and a human being ultimately. As life starts edging to some form of ‘normality’, the increased need for solitude is very apparent, but we can also find and experience solitude in isolation with or without Covid being present in our bodies.”

As a dynamic music creative with experimental albums and tracks/remixes on Come Play With Me, Kynant Records, OTONO, Reel Long Overdub under her belt, NikNak regularly redefines and expands upon her role as a ground-breaking multidisciplinary artist. 

Previously mentored by Shiva Feshareki, Anna Meredith and Supriya Nagaranjan, NikNak became the first Black Turntablist in history to win the illustrious @theoramawards in 2020, has been featured in publications such as @mixmag@resident_advisor@electronicsoundmag, and @djmagofficial, and has received support from @aceagrams@brightersound@_launchpadmusic@soundukarts@soundandmusicuk, and @prsfoundation.

Listed as one of DJ-Mag’s “Ones To Watch in 2022”, NikNak continues to build upon her vast DJ-ing experience having blown audiences away with her eclectic DJ sets at festivals like @wildernesshq@weoutherefest@bestival and more… 

NikNak has also played with/supported iconic artists/DJs such as @mrs_cruff@madlib@awesometapesfromafrica@akalamusic@djflash4eva@princessnokia and more.

Our second announcement is for our fourth commission, which we are delighted to announce has been awarded to Alëna Korolëva.

Alëna Korolëva

Alëna’s work is focused on field recordings, acoustic ecology, soundscape studies and acousmatic composition. Her technique employes elements of documentary storytelling and experimental music.

In her words, she is “especially interested in the sounds that emerge in the transition zones between different ecosystems: like city fringes, river banks, wildlife habitats in urban areas, forest edges. These broken borders create the so-called Edge Effect – a change in population or community structures that occur at the boundary of two habitats.”

For her commission, Alëna will be combining field recordings with music dramaturgy, to create a science fiction soundscape of a charged wilderness lying on the city outskirts which both haunts and reflects the humans who dare to step into it. We can’t wait to hear the results!

February 2022:

We’re extremely pleased to announce that Leo Magnien has been selected as the recipient of our second commission, out of almost 140 proposals.

Leo Magnien

Leo will be exploring the internal details of sounds, embracing a sparse aesthetic and creating an album of shorter duration works; small, simple and precisely defined moments of between 1 and 4 minutes, offering a glimpse into the unity of ‘place’.

We look forward to hearing the fruits of his creative process and sharing them with you all in due course.

Our third call has now closed, and we are once again going through the very difficult selection process. In the mean time, the fourth call is now live and details can be found here: https://soundandmusic.org/opportunities/

We’re also delighted to announce that Genevieve Rudd has been selected to provide the artwork for Ingrid Plum’s album. We’ll share this in due course. The call for artwork for Leo’s album is now live, and will run until the 6th of March. Details can be found here: http://ryoanjirecords.co.uk/call-for-artwork/

January 2022:

We are delighted to announce that, at the end of last year, we were awarded Arts Council England funding to commission and release a series of new albums of electroacoustic/acousmatic music. In keeping with our Keychange Pledge (below), half of these commissions are dedicated to the release and promotion of work by women, female identifying and gender minority composers. The other half are open to all. The first call was made at the end of November and closed at the end of December. We had an incredible number and range of submissions from all over the world, and the decision making process was more difficult than we could have envisaged. After a great deal of deliberation the panel decided upon a proposal by Ingrid Plum, who will be creating an album of new music inspired by and responding to that of Lily Greenham (1924-2001). Greenham was a leading proponent of both concrete and sound poetry, and the inventor of ‘lingual music’. She was a contemporary of Daphne Oram, Annea Lockwood and Delia Derbyshire, but is frequently overlooked in writing on composers associated with The BBC Radiophonic Lab. Ingrid will be working with the Lily Greenham archive to realise her new work.

Ingrid Plum

Our second call for works is open until the 17th of January and can be found here: https://www.artsjobs.org.uk/arts-job/post/call-for-electroacousticacousmatic-music-works-2nd-call/

July 2021:

We have just signed the Keychange Pledge, promising to ensure that at least 50% of all artists on our rosta are women and gender minorities. There is a vast historic and continuing gender disparity within the music industry which seems to be even more pronounced in the experimental/electroacoustic music making genres. We aim to demonstrate, promote and disseminate the huge wealth of talent that exists and to create more opportunities for women and gender minorities in our corner of the music industry. We hope to have news on new commissioning opportunities very soon, so please keep an eye on this page.

April 2021:

You can now pre-order our first release, Bill Vine’s ‘northsong’, from our Bandcamp page: https://ryoanjirecords.bandcamp.com/releases